Estepona, a lot to see

A welcoming town that offers great surprises, such as Selwo and the Orchid Garden

Estepona sightseeing tour. Beach, gastronomy, sport, leisure. In Estepona there is much to see and do. Stroll through its charming historic center, enjoy its beaches and local gastronomy, visit Selwo Aventura, nature conservation park, and the Orquidiario, with more than 5000 plants

Sightseeing tours Estepona

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  • Visit of the Historical Center.
  • Orchidarium, the largest in Europe.
  • Archeological Museum. Not very big, but with an excellent exhibition of archeological pieces and maps, which certify the early arrival in southern Spain of Neanderthals, Phoenicians and Greeks.


In Estepona there are excellent hotels, as is usual in an area of the Costa del Sol that is appreciated and chosen by the great fortunes as a place of residence or holiday. But the extensive hotel offer includes establishments of all categories.

Estepona offers a great gastronomic diversity: from the fresh sea products and the traditional Andalusian cuisine to the avant-garde cuisine, passed by an extensive representation of the so-called ethnic and international cuisine.

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In Estepona, as in the entire Andalusian coast, there are vestiges of all the cultures that inhabited the place: remains of the Paleolithic and the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman and Arab presence. In 1456, the Castilian king Enrique IV conquered Estepona, but the dangers of the border with the Nasrid kingdom of Granada forced, within a few years of its conquest, to abandon it and destroy it, so that the Muslims could not resume it. With the conquest of Granada in 1492, the strategic position of Estepona led the Catholic Kings to rebuild the old Muslim castle and strengthen its southern flank, adding an independent fortress, known as Castillo de San Luis. In 1502, under the castle, thirty families, coming from different places, populate again Estepona. The current Estepona is a direct descendant of that castle and the current esteponeros are descendants of those first 30 neighbors, to which have been added all that have arrived attracted by the hospitality of their lands and their people.

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Part of Sierra Bermeja, declared Natural Site, is in the term of Estepona. It is the largest mass of peridothic rocks in the world. The rarity of the geological substrate also originates an exclusive plant population, being of special interest the Paseo de los Pinsapos. From Pico de los Reales, at 1449 m, you can enjoy extraordinary views of the coast, Gibraltar, and on clear days, the coast of Morocco.

The Park of San Isidro, better known as Los Pedregales, is located in the first foothills of Sierra Bermeja, 5 km from the town of Estepona. At 150 meters of altitude and with an area of ​​30 hectares, it has several areas of barbecues and tables, water points, services, parking, children’s playground, a network of interior roads and the hermitage of San Isidro Labrador. In the periphery of the Park, especially its northern part, you can practice all kinds of multi-adventure activities, such as mountain biking, horse riding and hiking.

In Estepona you can practice all kinds of sports, from swimming, football, tennis, basketball or water sports, a first class marina, to paddle, paragliding and horse riding, in facilities such as the Costa del Sol Equestrian Art School adventure sports such as zip line or climbing in Selwo Adventure.

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Marbella: 27 min

Malaga Airport: 54 min

Malaga: 1 h 6 min

Average annual temperature: 17º C / 62’6 F

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Estepona is the friendly and quiet city, ideal to spend the holidays in any season. If in summer you can fully enjoy the sun and the beach, its benign climate allows outdoor activities during the rest of the year.

The city has a new and unique building: the Orchidarium Estepona, which contains more than 5000 plants, with more than 1,300 species of orchids from around the world. With its three glass domes, it has completely changed the physiognomy of the municipality, being an important tourist attraction.

In Selwo Aventura Estepona you can enjoy the wild nature living a great expedition for different territories that transfer to Africa to know its most emblematic fauna such as the lion, giraffe, hippopotamus, zebra, cheetah, hyena, meerkat , different antelopes … And to other continents like Europe and Asia to discover unique species like the Iberian lynx, the Asian elephant or the red panda.

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